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Filing bankruptcy during the Covid-19 crisis

For those facing job loss, increased medical bills, and overall financial stress, bankruptcy may be an excellent option to allow you to move forward with a debt-free life. As many of us focus on our physical health, it is important to remember not to ignore your financial health. The two can often work together to ensure you emerge from this crisis with the best health possible. Visit our website at to find out how we can help you.

I have received a number of phone calls asking me when courts would be reopening and when bankruptcy cases could be filed. The reality is that bankruptcy courts have never closed, and although in-person visits are restricted in most courthouses, the judicial system remains open and active. The temporary pause for garnishments, foreclosures, and evictions will be ending soon, and now is a great time to take stock of your credit and credit worthiness moving forward. Bankruptcy can be an effective way to help you to purchase a home, a car, or generally have funds available to help your family in the event of an emergency. 

Virtual appointments are now permitted by both the Maryland State Bar Association and the Federal Courts. We have quickly adapted our practice to allow for complete remote access to our services and to become experts on conducting your court hearing online, or even on the phone.  This allows us to handle your case quickly, efficiently, and for a lower cost than prior to the availability of virtual appointments. 

While our offices continue to remain open, and we are pleased to meet with clients in person, virtual appointments and virtual court hearings allow you to save on time, travel, gas, and parking when filing your bankruptcy case. 

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