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My mortgage forbearance is ending soon, what should I be doing? Can bankruptcy help me?

As the country begins to emerge from the terrible economic consequences of the pandemic, many people are concerned, confused, and downright scared about what might happen next when it comes to their homes and their mortgage. While there is cause for concern, and we certainly recommend acting before concern turns to panic, we here at The Law Offices of Adam M. Freiman, P.C. can help. Allow me to discuss some of the various scenarios that may unfold as mortgage forbearances come to an end and suggest possible ways to address them.

Those of us who watch how mortgage companies treat consumers looked with a wary eye as they were quick to grant people long stretches of time during which their mortgage payment would be forgiven. What was most concerning was, what would happen at the end of the forgiveness period? Would all that money come due? Would they put the missed payments on the back end of the loan? Would they simply forgive those payments forever? One thing I have learned in almost 30 years of helping people at The Law Offices of Adam M. Freiman, P.C., mortgage companies are not your friend. Your mortgage company is most certainly not forgiving any missed payments forever, and a smart homeowner will be ready when they come calling.

One way we can help you at The Law Offices of Adam M. Freiman, P.C. is to protect your property by filing bankruptcy before your mortgage payments become due. This allows you to control the way your missed payments will be paid, rather than having your mortgage company dictate to you how they MUST be repaid. Also, your mortgage company can dictate to you WHEN your missed payments must be repaid. They can demand payment in full, and immediately. But if you are in bankruptcy, those payments can be stretched over a significant amount of time and could potentially be paid interest free.

Perhaps your mortgage company is willing to work with you, but the time frame they propose is not sufficient to meet your family’s needs. Remember, the economic crisis caused by the pandemic is far from over. Gas lines, increased costs, and threats of coming inflation are going to make your mortgage company more aggressive in demanding that your missed payments be made. Even if they propose a payment plan you are uncomfortable with, we here at The Law Offices of Adam M. Freiman, P.C. can find a longer payment plan than your mortgage company is proposing, with significantly lower payments, and without the threat of your house being lost for foreclosure.

Regardless of your situation, you cannot be hurt by seeking the opinion of an experienced attorney with more five star reviews than almost any other attorney in the area of Google. Although bankruptcy is our area of expertise, we can offer different solutions to cure your mortgage crisis.

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