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Top Ten Reasons to Hire An Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney

Although people have the right to represent themselves in court proceedings, doing so is often compared to performing surgery on one’s self without using a doctor. You may be able to make the initial cut, but what do you do once your faced with actual blood and guts? The comparison to bankruptcy is apt. Anyone can file the necessary forms to begin a bankruptcy case, but completing it successfully usually requires an experienced bankruptcy attorney such as those at The Law Offices of Adam M. Freiman, P.C.. 

Here Are The Top Ten Reasons Why:

  1. An attorney can ensure that your paperwork is complete and accurate.
  2. An attorney can speak for you before the court.
  3. An attorney can make sure you remain in compliance with all court directives.
  4. An attorney can protect you from creditor harassment.
  5. An attorney can explain your rights and responsibilities. 
  6. An attorney can help you recover any money that was taken from you just prior to filing.
  7. An attorney can immediately stop garnishments, evictions and utility turn off notices.
  8. An attorney can keep all of your information secure, and in one location.
  9. An attorney can always provide you with copies of documents in your case.
  10. An attorney can be responsible for the accuracy of the information, in case something goes wrong.

Hiring an attorney to help you navigate through the tricky waters of the federal court system and the United States Bankruptcy Court is imperative to achieving the fresh start you need when you file.  Don’t be “penny wise and pound foolish”.  Money invested in securing your financial freedom is money well spent.  Reach out today to Adam M. Freiman, Esquire for a free consultation.


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